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Hip and knee joint replacement is recommended for people with chronic, disabling arthritic joint pain not responding to conservative management, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatories

Most surgical patients are between 50 and 80 years old, but joint replacements have been performed successfully in patients of all ages. Common physical activities such as golfing, swimming, bicycling, and walking are typically allowed after surgery. With recent advances, the options continue to improve.

New research shows that those who suffer from hip or knee pain due to arthritis may be doing a great disservice to their overall health and well-being because, over time, those suffering from advanced arthritis of the hip or knee lose their ability to walk more than a city block or two or climb stairs without severe pain. Also, they are unable to use an elliptical, bike, stepper, or treadmill for aerobic exercise. They gain a significant amount of weight as a result of this inactivity, and are unable to enjoy traveling or doing things with their family.

In addition to weight gain, a sedentary lifestyle may lead to sleep apnea and high blood pressure. Over time, it is likely to lead to adult-onset diabetes and coronary artery disease. Consequently, arthritic pain in the knee may contribute to many serious health issues.

While surgery should never be taken lightly and is always the last option, sometimes it is the best choice.

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